You Need To Act Now

If you do not agree to your spouse, ex- spouse or the mother of your children relocating, whether out of the county, state or country, you need to contact my office for an immediate consultation, as time is of the essence to protect your rights! If you do not do anything until after the move you will PREJUDICE your rights and may be prevented and forever barred from stopping the relocation!

The court will determine if your visitation rights and time with the children will be impeded in light of their best interests in the move. I have successfully prevented relocation, adjusted visitation to get longer winter and summer periods, and reduced child support in representing the non-custodial parent.

Help For Parents Wishing To Move

I have also guided the custodial parent in facilitating a move with his or her children. The courts will consider any and all relevant facts, including but not limited to:

  • The benefits of the move
  • The effects on the children and their quality of life
  • Economic advantages
  • Family support
  • Employment opportunities

I am an affordable attorney, Kurt Richards, and for over 25 years have represented more than 3,000 clients successfully in their divorce and family court matters in New York. Call 718-720-1000 to schedule a free initial consultation about your rights to relocate.