Uncontested vs. Contested

There is a big difference between a uncontested and a contested divorce action in both time and money.

A contested divorce action will be longer to resolve and will cost considerably more money. Make no mistake, "contested" does not mean that both parties do not want the divorce. In fact, in many contested actions both parties long to get divorced. What is contested are other issues like custody, child support, spousal maintenance and equitable distribution of marital property.

If you and your spouse can agree to be fair with the other and agree on ALL of your divorce terms, then you can proceed in an uncontested manner and you will avoid court appearances, and unnecessary delays. You will also significantly save money in getting the divorce. Be smart: learn your rights first before you proceed in an uncontested manner.

Get Straightforward Advice On Your Divorce Options

On many occasions, after I meet and am retained by a client, I will prepare a complete and fair legal divorce agreement that complies with the domestic relations laws of the State of New York, setting forth the rights and obligations of both parties. My client then will often present it to his or her spouse, who will then have it reviewed by the attorney of his or her own choice. Better than 95% of the time, that spouse's attorney will advise the client that the agreement is in compliance with the law and counsel that spouse to sign it.

Whatever road your case ends up taking, I am committed to ensuring you understand your rights so that you can make smart decisions. Call me today for a free consultation at 718-720-1000 or send me an email using my online contact form to get in touch.