Child Support Is Non-Negotiable In New York

Regardless of the status of your marriage or relationship, it is imperative that your children are cared for. Child support is a non-negotiable, straightforward factor in a separation or divorce. A professional attorney should explain these terms to you without leading you astray.

I am Staten Island child support attorney Kurt Richards and, in more than 25 years of experience, I have successfully represented more than 3,000 clients in their divorce matters.

How Child Support Gets Calculated

New York child support is governed by the Child Support Standards Act. In this statute, the amount of child support that is to be paid is clearly laid out. It is not arbitrary or capricious. It does not discriminate.

The Child Support Standards Act determines the amount of child support that is to be paid by the noncustodial parent, which is determined according to the parents' combined gross income. Factoring in the number of children who need support, the percentages are broken down as follows:

  • One child: 17 percent
  • Two children: 25 percent
  • Three children: 29 percent
  • Four children: 31 percent
  • Five or more children: no less than 35 percent

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Clear Guidance On Your Possible Child Support Obligations

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