Experience Matters When It Comes To Child Custody

When it comes to kids, most parents will stop at nothing to provide for them, keep them safe and to give them a bright future. A family law judge agrees, and he or she will always rule in favor of the best interests of your children during and after a divorce or parental separation. The Staten Island child custody lawyer you choose should have the experience necessary to help build a strong case for you and your child.

I am attorney Kurt Richards, and after more than 25 years of experience successfully representing more than 3,000 families in New York and New Jersey, I understand what the courts will consider when making a ruling about child custody, visitation and financial support for your children.

The Courts Make It Clear — Your Children Come First

There are clear laws set in place for child custody and visitation. Like most parents, the courts place the best interests of your children before anything else. Many parents can come to an agreement regarding child custody and visitation outside of court. These options include:

  • Sole custody: One parent has sole physical and residential custody, giving him or her the right to make all major decisions for the child, including medical, religious and educational. The noncustodial parent has the right to challenge these decisions in court and usually has a fixed visitation schedule.
  • Joint legal custody: In this agreement, the child resides with one parent and the medical, religious and educational decisions are shared by both parties.
  • Joint physical custody: A child lives with each parent equally, oftentimes on an alternating week schedule. A New York court will not order this kind of custody because it can add undue stress to a younger child. However, if both parents find that this is the best option for their child, an agreement can be made outside of the courtroom.

In situations where both parents cannot come to an agreement regarding the custody and visitation for their child, the New York family law system will step in and dig deeply into the details of each parent. When choosing who will serve as the custodial parent, the court will consider income, pre-divorce living arrangements, education level, criminal background and more. A guardian ad litem will often be appointed to represent the children's interests as well.

Practical Advice From An Experienced Family Law Attorney

At my firm, Kurt T. Richards, P.C., I am dedicated to preserving your rights while offering straightforward, competent family law services with a personal level of attention. By offering a clear view of your situation, I am able to obtain the best possible results for you and your children.

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