The following information pertains to frequently addressed divorce issues which may be of interest to you in learning about your rights. Certainly, it is limited and not a substitute to a more detailed and thorough consultation with my office:


1)  My spouse and I are in debts and we want to divorce.  Should we do a joint bankruptcy first? Please got to my Divorce and Bankruptcy page for more information.

2) What are Qualified Domestic Relations Orders? Go to my Qualified Domestic Relation Orders page for more Information.

3) What are my Social Security benefits If I get divorced? Go to my Social Security Benefits page for more information.

4) What about my business? What about my college degree/license? Go to my business/enhanced earnings page for more information.

5) What is the Law governing property distribution ?

Go to my New York property distribution page for more information.

6) My spouse is relocating with my child(ren)! Go to my Relocation page for more information.

7) How can I get my spouse out of the house without resorting to an Order of protection?  Go to my exclusive use and occupancy page.

8) What are my rights and responsibilities as a client?  Go to clients rights and responsibilities page.

9) What are my rights as a father?  Go to my fathers rights page.

10) What are the Tax issues in Divorce?  Go to my Tax issues in divorce page.

11) Can I get a divorce if I do not know where my spouse lives?  Yes, go to my unknown spouse's whereabouts page.

12) I just moved to New York. Can I proceed  with a divorce here? Go to my NY jurisdictional requirements page.

13) What rights do I have to visit with my grandchildren?

Go to by Grandparents Rights page for more Information.

14) How is temporary maintenance calculated?

Go to my temporary maintenance calculations page.

15)  Transfer of house for pension information.

Go to  house for pension page to learn more information.

16) Is my spouse entitled to the appreciation of my "separate property" ?

Go to my Appreciation of separate property page.

17)  The down payment on our home came from my parents  (or from my separate property/savings) I had  before the marriage! Am I entitled to it back?

Go to my Transmutation page for more information.

18) What about post divorce issues?

Go to my POST DIVORCE ISSUES page for more information.